BioRad – T100 PCR

The T100 thermal cycler is a compact thermal cycler that offers comprehensive features in a small footprint. This compact thermal cycler features an intuitive touch screen user interface to facilitate PCR operation. Thermal gradient technology allows you to quickly optimize your reaction in one go.

Qıagen – Realtime PCR

The system is versatile and multifunctional for quantitative PCR applications such as expression analysis, genotyping, and pathogen detection. The combination of high-quality thermal elements, rapid heating and cooling ramp rates, and a fiber optic shuttle system enables shorter cycle times, even below 30 minutes for 40 cycles.

DLAB Evaporator

The 5L heating bath with a wide temperature range (room temperature to 180°C) allows for independent temperature control, enabling separate use. It operates in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions for drying processes. Both rotation speeds and the digital display of heating temperature ensure optimal control over all distillation operations.

Pharma Test  UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

The T70 is capable of meeting the solid requirements demanded by analytical chemists. It covers a wavelength range from 190 to 1100 nm and comes standard with a built-in 8-cell changer. Therefore, it can be used for both manual operation and fully automatic dissolution test applications. The T70 series UV-Visible Spectrophotometers can perform the following types of analysis: photometric measurements, spectral scans, kinetic measurements, quantitative determinations, and DNA/Protein analysis.

BMG Labtech Microplate Spectrophotometer

The Nano is an innovative absorbance microplate reader that offers the flexibility to perform rapid and easy tests both in microplates and cuvettes through a built-in cuvette port. This spectrometer-based absorbance microplate reader reads the entire UV/Vis spectrum (from 220 nm to 1000 nm) in less than 1 second per well. Its unique speed, simple button operation, and capacity to store individual test protocols make the SPECTROstar® Nano a leading microplate reader for absorbance measurements.

Horiba Scientific Nano Particle Analyzer

A single device analyzes three parameters characterizing nanoparticles: particle size, zeta potential, and molecular weight. It utilizes specialized cells for zeta potential measurement to prevent sample contamination. Simple analysis can be performed through ultra-microvolume cells (with volumes as low as 100 μL). The use of a dual optical system enables the measurement of not only high-concentration samples such as colloids and ink pigments but also low-concentration proteins and polymers.

Shımadzu Irspırıt-T FT-IR 

It is an ideal FTIR spectrophotometer that provides exceptional reliability in pollutant analysis, identification tests, and quantitative measurements. Applicable areas include raw material analysis, forensic science, environmental studies, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, packaging, and coatings.

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