“We offer sustainable plant growth regulators that contribute to productivity by maintaining soil balance.”


Inspiring From Nature

Entegrating bio-technology to our lifes.

We Are Using Metabolite Technology

We produce our products with innovative approaches.

We Are Investing In The Future

And working for sustainable world.

Innovation fueled by nature

Protecting our world means protecting our soils. In the last century, the residues left by the intensive use of agricultural chemicals contaminated the ecosystem by mixing into the soil, air and water. All these practices are now behind us, chemicals have been replaced by natural biological components. Meet MHOne! https://www.microhobist.com/urunlerimiz/ MHOne has been developed for you to safely get yield from chemical-free plants.

We shape the future with inspiration from nature

Microorganisms were the first players on the stage of life on Earth. And they undoubtedly have roles in many fields. We use these hard workers of industrial production to produce biologically active compounds that are beneficial to plants. We integrate our technology into a relationship that already exists in nature. In this way, we keep up with the green transformation with a sustainable, natural and technological process!


We are working naturally for the benefit of the ecosystem.